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Safety and health protection are a quality of work life issue which has a high priority in all of our business activities. Our goal is to provide and maintain safe working conditions and to follow operating procedures and practices that will safeguard you and minimize injury or illness and property loss or business interruption caused by accidents, injuries, fire, or other hazards. We believe this will be achieved to the degree that all Anderson Western, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as AWI) employees accept and fulfill the safety responsibilities inherent in each of our jobs. Individually, we must recognize hazards, anticipate possible exposures and risks, and then act to eliminate or control them.

The management of AWI and your Supervisor are responsible and accountable for your safety, but the final responsibility for safety rests with you. Safe practices and procedures must be part of your daily work operations. You must follow safety precautions and rules to protect yourself and your fellow employees. Each employee will be held accountable for his/her own safety by obeying those rules that have been designed for your protection.

AWI expects you to give your best efforts to the prevention of accidents, injuries, and diseases. You are responsible for working, as instructed, to safely produce a quality product. It is your responsibility for reporting unsafe conditions or practices to your Supervisor. Management is then responsible to act as conditions warrant.

Employee safety and health are important to AWI. All employees must adhere to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), federal, state, and local regulations.

You should never perform a task or work with equipment that you consider to be unsafe. Report your concern to Jay Visger, Safety Director, at 701-220-4980; to Job Site Safety Supervisor Aaron Thurn, at 701-391-4010; or to your project Supervisor immediately.

It is our policy to provide a workplace free from recognized safety hazards. It is the responsibility of all employees, at all levels, to practice work habits that support and promote safe work conditions. To be successful, our safety program must incorporate the proper attitudes towards injury and illness prevention by all employees.

Discipline is an important ingredient in the success of AWI’s safety program. We have established standards of operation and performance. Employees who violate safety rules will be disciplined accordingly.

A poster describing both Company and employee responsibilities and duties under OSHA is displayed on the job site bulletin board, along with other work-related informational posters. If you have any questions about the information found on any poster or need assistance in understanding, reading, or having the poster translated, contact your Supervisor or the Personnel office.